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Registration Information & Projected Schedules

Spring PROJECTED Practice & Game Schedule


*IMPORTANT* Please note that these are PROJECTED schedules, not confirmed dates, times OR locations. DLL is unable to confirm the times until early March when we officially receive our permits from the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding as we await the permits. 

Baseball - Projected Practice & Game Schedules

Division Little League Age Projected Practice Schedule Practice Location Projected Games Game Location
Rookies 5 5 Mon, Weds, or Thurs between 5-7pm. Skill clinic Mon 4-5 pm Pier 25 1 game per week on Sat between 8am-1pm Pier 25
Rookies 6 6 Mon, Tues, or Thurs between 5-7pm. Skill clinic Thurs 4-5pm Pier 25, BPC Fields 1 game per week on Sat between 8am-1pm Rockefeller Park
Junior Minors 7 7 Weds between 5-7pm. Skill clinic Thur 4-5 pm BPC Fields 1 game per week on Sun or Sat between 8am-1pm BPC Fields, Corlears
Junior Minors 8 8 Mon between 5-8pm. Skill clinic Weds 4-5pm BPC Fields 1 game per week on Sun between 12-7pm or Sat between 8am-1pm Corlears
AA 9 Tues between 5-9pm. Skill clinic Mon or Thurs 4-5pm Pier 40, BPC Fields 1-2 games per week on Sun between 8am-4pm and/or Weds 5pm BPC Fields, Coleman Field, Pier 40
AAA 10 & 11* Thur between 5-9pm. Skill clinic Mon 4-5pm Pier 40, BPC Fields 1-2 games per week on Tues 6pm and/or Sat between 10am–9pm BPC Fields, Pier 40
Majors 11* & 12 Mon 8-9pm or Weds between 7-9 pm BPC Fields 1-2 games per week on Thur 6:30 pm and/or Sun between 4-9 pm BPC Fields
Juniors 13 & 14 Tues or Fri between 5-9pm East River Park, Pier 40, BPC Fields 1-2 games per weekend Central Park, Randall’s Island, Murry Bergtraum
Seniors 15 & 16 Tues or Fri between 5-9pm East River Park, Pier 40, BPC Fields 1-2 games per weekend Central Park, Randall’s Island, Murry Bergtraum
Challengers Any Sat 10-11:30am BPC Fields

Softball - Projected Practice & Game Schedules

Division Little League Age Projected Practice Schedule Practice Location Projected Games Game Location
Junior Minors 5 - 6 Optional practice Fri 5-7pm. Skill clinic Weds 4-5 pm Pier 25, Pier 26 One 90 minute combined game/practice Sat 8am-12pm Rockefeller Park
Intermediate Minors 7 - 8 Mon, Tues, or Thurs between 5-7pm. Skill clinic Friday 4-5 pm BPC Fields 1 game per week on Sat between 8am–3pm or Sun between 8am-2pm BPC Fields, Baruch Field, Coleman Field
Minors 9 - 10 Tues or Fri between 5-7pm. Skill clinic Friday 4-5pm BPC Fields 1-2 games per week on Sat between 8am–3pm or Sun between 8am-2pm BPC Fields, Baruch Field, Coleman Field
Majors 11 - 12 Fri between 6-8pm BPC Fields 1-2 games per week on Sat between 1-7pm and/or Sun between 8am-2 pm or Tues 6pm BPC Fields, Baruch Field, Coleman Field
Juniors 13 - 14 Fri 7 - 9pm BPC Fields 1 or more games per weekend, Sat and or Sun BPC Fields, Baruch Field, Coleman Field, Others fields around the city
Seniors 15 - 17 Fri 7 - 9pm BPC Fields 1 or more games per weekend, Sat and or Sun BPC Fields, Baruch Field, Coleman Field, Others fields around the city

2022 - 2023 Key Dates

Planning for the 2023 DLL spring season is already in full swing. We will update this page by mid-Dec to include important dates and events. 

  • Nov 29 - League Annual Meeting
  • Dec 1 - Online Registration Opens
  • Dec 10 - Winter Workouts Begin
  • Jan 21-22 - Baseball Player Evaluations
  • Feb - Baseball Player Evaluations - Makeup
  • Feb 13 - Baseball Drafts
  • Mar 5 - Equipment Day
  • Mar 11 - Outdoor Practices Begin
  • Mar 19 - AED/CPR Training
  • Mar 25 - Uniform Distribution
  • April 1 - Opening Day
  • April 8-9 - Easter/Passover Break - No Games
  • May - Tournament Team Tryouts
  • May 20 - Photo Day
  • May 27-29 - Memorial Day Tournament
  • June 9 - DLL Night (Brooklyn Cyclones)
  • June 11 - Playoffs Begin
  • June 18-19 - Conclusion of Season
  • Jun 20 - Jul 5 - Little League Postseason District Tournament
  • Jul 1-16 - Little League Postseason Sectional Tournament

DLL Catchment Area and Age Determination

Downtown Little League boundary Upper East West Side Village Park

Downtown Little League's league boundary & catchment area is defined as south of Canal Street, west of Bowery down to the Brooklyn Bridge and west of FDR south of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Age Determination for Baseball and Softball


The Little League Age Determination date for all SOFTBALL (girls only) players is December 31. A child must be at least 5 years old as of this date to be eligible for DLL's softball program. The Little League Age Determination date for all BASEBALL (coed) players is August 31.  A child must be at least 5 years old as of this date to be eligible for DLL's baseball program.


All DLL baseball & softball divisions utilize Little League age to determine placement per Little League rules, not grade level. We do not move players up or down divisions. 


You can find Little League's Baseball, Softball, and Challenger Age Charts along with League Age Calculator here:


Little League Age Calculator



DLL Catchment Area & League Boundaries


A player must either reside or attend a school within the DLL catchment area and boundaries to play in DLL. Previously registered DLL players who no longer meet the residency or school requirement will be grandfathered. A Little League waiver is required for anyone registering who lives or goes to school outside of the catchment area such in Manhattan or Brooklyn.



  • PS 89 Liberty School
  • PS 150 Tribeca Learning Center
  • PS 234 Independence School
  • PS 276 Battery Park School
  • IS 289 Hudson River Middle School
  • PS 343 Peck Slip School
  • PS 397 Spruce Street School
  • Blue School
  • Leman Manhattan Preparatory School
  • Pine Street School
  • Portfolio School
  • Lower Manhattan Community Middle School
  • Millennium High School
  • Stuyvesant High School
  • High School of Economics & Finance
  • Richard R Green High School
  • Leadership & Public Service High School

Proof of Age & Address -- Uploading Required Documents


Proof of age includes a birth certificate or passport. Once you have formally registered your child, you can provide the required documentation in one of two ways detailed below:



  1. Login to your Sportsengine account that you used to complete registration
  2. Select the bubble in the top right corner of the screen to go to your account settings
  3. Select "Registrations" from the left nav menu
  4. Find the registration that you completed (DLL Spring Registration)
  5. Scroll down to the Player Information page and select the small blue "Edit" option or the Pencil icon (whichever is visible to you) and find the Proof of Age and Proof of Residence Upload questions and upload your documents and save.



Downtown Little League

C/O Bill Martino

440A 13th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11215


NOTE: If your child is a returning player and you register through your existing DLL account, you do NOT need to resubmit proof of age or residence documents.  If you create a new account or are registering new players, you will be required to resubmit all required documentation.

Registration FAQs



Hello DLL Families - hope that all is well.

In response to your questions, we are providing an FAQ to make your registration experience as smooth as possible. In addition to questions about eligibility, fees and SportsEngine accounts, we address the process of requesting specific teammates and coaches, sponsoring a team and the possibility of winter workouts.

IMPORTANT: Downtown Little League strives for every registered player to be placed on a roster and to participate in practice and games from early March through Father's Day weekend in June.

During the online registration process, each registrant will be prompted – and required – to acknowledge all of its provisions in order to participate in DLL.

Remember to email with any registration-related questions and we’ll see you at the ballfields soon!

The DLL Board


1. What is the timing of the 2023 season?

2023 is scheduled to start with practices in early March, weather permitting, with games beginning the 1st weekend of April. The season will conclude Father’s Day weekend. Winter clinics are scheduled to start in December.

2. How do I know if my child is eligible to play with DLL?

Please refer to our catchment area and age requirements for eligibility details, noting that a player must live OR go to school within the DLL zone in order to be eligible. A waiver with Little League International is required otherwise.

Exception: If your child previously played in DLL but no longer lives in – or goes to school in – our catchment area, he/she is grandfathered and remains eligible to play in the league.

3. Should I sign up if my child will likely be out of town for several weeks during the season?

Probably not. There is always a lengthy waitlist of players who’d like to play each week and we want to do our best to get as many kids on the field as possible on a regular basis.

4. What’s the cost?

The fee is $200 per player, unchanged for the past 14 seasons and payable by credit card (Amex, MasterCard, Visa and Discover) or check by SportsEngine.

Registrants wanting to pay by check should email for further details.  

NOTE: Things work a bit differently for our Challengers Division for special-needs participants. You’ll still go through the registration process but there is no fee for participation. Please email us at for further details about the program after you’ve registered, and we will respond soon.)

5. When does registration begin and how early do I have to sign up?

Registration begins December 1st, and we encourage you to sign up ASAP as field and time constraints force DLL to place caps on the number of registrants. Please note that many of our divisions typically enter waitlist-mode within the first 24 hours.

6. How do waitlists work?

We remove players from the waitlist when another player drops out from the same division, on a first-come, first-served basis.

For example, if Child A is first on the waitlist and Child B, who has registered and already been placed onto a roster, decides to drop out, then Child A would replace Child B on the same team roster.

7. How does the registration process work?

A. First, set up your SportsEngine profile, creating the account under the parent/guardian name and email address. Later during the registration process, you will add your athlete to your SportsEngine account as a sub profile. 

Here’s how to set up the SportsEngine profile:

-Navigate to 

-In the upper right-hand corner of your screen, click Sign In.

-Under Welcome, click create an account

-Fill out all requested information.

NOTE: Ensure the information entered belongs to the primary account holder (parent/guardian). 

-Once complete, click Sign Up

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to Verify Your SportsEngine Account by navigating to your email inbox and opening the "Activate Your SportsEngine Account" email. Please check your junk or spam folder if you don’t see it within five minutes.

Finally, click “Activate My Account” and you’re all set.

B. Next, go to the DLL website and click “Register: DLL Spring 2022 Registration” under the large DLL logo near the top of the home page. IMPORTANT: if you do not see this option when you go to the site, you are likely on the legacy DLL home page. If that’s the case, clear the cache on your device and try again.    

8. I’m having issues setting up my profile in SportsEngine. Where should I go for help?

Please email the SportsEngine support team at

9. I’ve set up my profile in SportsEngine. Should I establish my child’s sub-profile as well?

SportsEngine support staff recommends waiting until you’re registering to establish a child’s profile. When you begin registration, you will be prompted to create a sub-profile for your child under your account.

10. How do I add a guardian to my child’s account, so they receive emails?

Please click on this link and follow the instructions. If you have any questions, please email

11. Do I have to submit proof of identification and proof of residence documents if my child played last year? And can I submit a passport as proof of ID?

Yes, if your child is a new registrant. If you submitted documents for the 2021 season, you do NOT have to re-submit. And, yes, a passport – or any government-issued ID, works for proof of residence.

12. Can I request specific teammates and coaches?

This option is available for younger baseball and softball players though, unfortunately, we are unable to honor all requests due to roster-size limitations. Simply make the request within the registration form and we will accommodate your request if we are able to do so.

In baseball, you can ask to be paired with specific teammates and/or coaches as long as your prospective player will be age 5-8 on the age determination date of Aug. 31, 2022.

In softball, DLL allows families to submit such requests for most divisions, prioritizing requests for our Minors Division and below. If a softball player requests a specific coach AND specific teammates and we can't honor both, we will prioritize by coach request and then player requests.

For older age groups for both baseball and softball, there is a focus on competitive balance. In baseball, for example, Divisions AA and above i.e., ages nine and above are subject to a player draft, conducted by the coaches of each division before the season.

13. Can I volunteer to coach? Or volunteer to help in another capacity?

Absolutely – we’d love to have you! Just check the appropriate box in the registration form, adding any important notes you’d like us to know and we will follow up in the coming weeks.

In addition to instructing the players, coaches are responsible for managing and storing the team equipment bag and tracking team attendance. For some divisions, coaches are also required to complete NYC Parks- mandated AED training/certification. All coaches should take training and coach certifications provided by the league at no cost before the season starts.

Thanks for volunteering!

14. Can I sponsor a team or DLL in general?

A limited number of sponsorships are available. Please email for more details and thank you for the consideration.

15. Are you offering winter clinics/workouts for softball and baseball again this year?

It is likely that baseball winter workouts will begin December. Softball pitchers and catchers' workouts will also begin in December with broader clinics beginning in January. All players must be registered to participate.

16. When are practices and games? And are there any other dates I should mark on my calendar?

The spring permitting process for NYC fields is still underway so we can’t confirm anything yet but our PROJECTED practice and game schedule serves as a helpful guide. We hope to have permits in place sometime in March so we can nail down the schedule.   

As for other dates, practices will begin in early March and games will start the early April. The season will end around Father’s Day weekend in June.

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